Prison Law

Victory @ Law Prison Law falls under our Civil Liberties Department. We assist you on various prison related matters including:
[ ] Challenging recall to Prison / allegation of breach of licence
[ ] Challenging Prison Discipline
[ ] Challenging calculation of length of sentence
[ ] Challenging categorisation
[ ] Maltreatment in Prison
[ ] Representation before Adjudicator / Independent Adjudicator
[ ] Representation before Parole Board
[ ] Seeking Early Release
[ ] Home Detention Curfew
[ ] Mandatory / Voluntary Drug Test
[ ] Access to medical treatment
[ ] And Other

We assist you with care and sensitivity knowing how emotionally difficult life can be for both the detained person and their families and friends.

Because legal aid on prison matters are rare, we will advise you on how best to fund your case and try as much as possible to agree a stress free payment plan with your family and friend where we can not act pro bono.

If you will like more information on how we can assist you please complete our enquiry form.